Was sagt eigentlich der Kunde zu ... CUPRA Born: Train-the-Trainer Reloaded

Endlich wieder live, endlich wieder "alles wie früher"?
Nein! Für uns gibt es definitiv keinen Weg zurück.

Ja, wir konnten bei der 'Train-the-Trainer Reloaded CUPRA Born' die internationalen CUPRA-Trainer wieder live treffen und gemeinsam die Markteinführung des CUPRA Born vorbereiten.
Also alles wieder auf Anfang? Auf gar keinen Fall!

Da wo früher PowerPoint-Charts regierten, führen heute Tablet und Smartphone die Lernenden durch ihre individuelle CUPRA-Experience.

Das Besondere: Zum ersten Mal konnten wir unsere cloud-basierte Lernplattform nutzen, um digitale Live-Experiences am Fahrzeug und in den Workshops zu kreieren.

Gepaart mit dem Gamification-Ansatz, ein klares Level-Up für die Intensität des Trainings. Wir sind zufrieden. Und unser Kunde? Lest selbst:

We have recently worked with SAPERED to gamify our onsite activities for our Train-the-Trainer Reloaded CUPRA Born.
Our objective was to motivate active participation demonstrating and applying the knowledge obtained in the pre-campaign in a fun and engaging manner.

To do this in an intelligent and efficient manner, we re-tooled our Training Hub to take advantage of its functions and create a specific & gamified environment, where everything done onsite was awarded and updated in real time in our TTT Born Reloaded Leaderboard.

The result was extremely positive with the network. Having a live leaderboard and points system help to create an environment of "friendly" competition and motivate participants. There were also learnings regarding this, especially related to time based exercises, where sometime the competition became “more important” than the learning goal for the participants. But overall, the gamified process, combined with having the most personalized TtT ever drove active participation to levels not seen beforehand in our Train-the-Trainers.

Additional to the gamified system, we also took advantage of developing functions through our CMS (Content-Management-System) to substitute the need for developing native apps. In this case, through our CMS, we developed a hands-on experience that helped guide our participants discover the new CUPRA Born. This system was a perfect substitute and allowed for quick and easy modifications on site. We really look forward to seeing how else we can use this technology in the future.

Overall, the results of our collaboration with SAPERED were extremely positive, both in terms of learning impact as well as cost efficiency and future synergies.
Brendan Evans, Dealer Qualification, SEAT S.A.