Insights SAPERED

We are experts in Learning & Development, and Digital and Brand Experience. But we are much more than meets the eye. We are also strategists, creators, visionaries. Education experts, brand connoisseurs, designers. Architects, developers, unrelenting inventors and dreamers.

But we are, above all, a committed team – and that includes our partners. Together, shoulder to shoulder, for nearly ten wonderful years. YEAH!

Our core values


Principles over benefit. Our moral principles are sacred.


For us, the highest form of appreciation is empathy and honesty. We look out for each other and have the courage to admit our flaws. If you ask for help, you get it. We respect the vulnerability of others.


SAPERED is founded on trust. We can only function as a strong community if we can rely on our colleagues unconditionally. We mean what we say, and we stick to it.


Unity is strength. We are very different, and we use it to our advantage. Together we can go much further.

Freedom & Responsibility

We rely on self-determined work and the greatest possible creative freedom. Everyone in our company bears responsibility for this: for themselves, for our company and for our environment. We harmonise economic, ecological and social interests.

Curiosity & Audacity

We think in terms of opportunities and have the courage to embrace change. New concepts and technologies drive our innovative hearts and minds.

We question, want to understand and learn from our mistakes. This is how we continue to develop, become more effective and set the course for our future.


We act out of conviction and are passionate about what we do. There ain't no mountain high enough when it comes to following our passion. Our energy is contagious.


We always deal with people, ideas and events impartially. We are open to breaking new ground and adopting different perspectives.