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... loonies, thinkers, dropouts, beginners, explorers, accomplices, companions.

Hey, you. Yeah, it's you. We have something for you.

We are looking for ...

Project Manager digital (d/f/m) from Junior Level Full Stack Developer (d/w/m) Learning Experience Designer (d/w/m) from Junior Level Working student | Student employee (d/w/m)

Gerade nicht im Angebot ...

… das soll dich aber nicht hindern, mit uns ins Gespräch zu kommen. Wenn dich eine Stelle hier interessiert, lass es uns wissen.
Schick uns einfach deine Bewerbung – und wir lernen dich vielleicht schonmal kennen, bevor die Stelle offiziell da ist.

Your application

This is what we need:

  • Your letter of application.
    We attach great importance to this. You don't have to write a novel, but make it clear that this job belongs to you and that you really want to work for us. Just surprise us.
  • You just updated your resume anyway?
    In that case, we're happy to read it. If not, that's no problem either.
  • Maybe you have something you would like to share with us to give us an insight into your creative work ...

What we offer

Here are our favorites in advance

  • A really cool team. Ask around about us, you’ll see.
  • Work from home or in the office? Wherever you want!
  • Flexible working hours? We trust you. And say YES.
  • Vacaaaaaaaaation - longer, if you want.

In all honesty

Let's talk. Call us, contact us virtually or face-to-face, get to know us.

Or send your incredibly inspiring application to:

Flexible working hours Innovative vacation policy Special leave work@SAPERED Training & Development Working in International environments Profit sharing
Team events Company sports Health care Company laptop Company smartphone Flat rate coffee and tea in the office

What others say about us ...

Red Orange Yellow GmbH

"Mind opening, energetic, and always outside-the-box: ideation is fantastic with the SAPERED team on every project. And once the creative approach is found, everyone gives their all to make the crazy vision a reality. From rough sketches to final pixel perfection - everyone on the team is valued, listened to and can contribute - creating extraordinary results. Digital at its best. Happy to do it again and again!"

Jannis Goossens
ROY Red // Orange // Yellow

Dennis Iatropoulos

"I would describe the SAPERED team as an interdisciplinary surprise bag.

Experts of their craft who have given me the perfect mix of responsibility and trust in many projects and are even more likeable than in the photos.
"Working with professionals for once!" - Is not a phrase here, rather my experience after many challenges mastered together.
Have fun with SAPERED!"

Dennis Iatropoulos
Sen. Full Stack Developer

Juan Claramunt

"I always enjoy working with the SAPERED team. They are always open to new ideas, enjoy challenges and support the entire creative process. I could hardly imagine a better team to work with."

Juan Claramunt

BAM Digital Solutionist

"For BAM, SAPERED is not an external partner. All members of the team are direct colleagues for us and SAPERED sees it the same way. This creates the basis for a very special collaboration - always at eye level and already in many, many projects."

Dennis Meissner
CEO | Full Stack Developer
BAM Digital Solutionists