Hey, we´re SAPERED

Group 11

Upgrade your learners, not your training!

We are a Learning & Development agency, your one-stop shop for skill acquisition, onboarding and further training of your employees.

In our opinion, training is less about the content and more about the doors it opens. Our goal is to help people do their job (better). As creative minds who enjoy navigating the digital world, we help you implement modern and effective solutions for your employees.

Therefore, upgrade your learners, not your training!

Our views on training

From knowing to doing

Imparting knowledge isn't our job, but helping employees master actual tasks is.

Starting point: the real challenges in the everyday life of employees.

Goal: to change their behaviour and acquire new skills.

New paradigm: employees receive specific assistance (resources) to solve their tasks. This change in approach increases performance.

From one-time event to everyday life

Our job is to accompany employees in their everyday lives, not to create a parallel training universe.

Starting point: the moment of need determines when learning starts.

Goal: to create a learning culture anchored in everyday life that comes into action precisely when employees need support.

New paradigm: employees stop gulping down knowledge and learn according to their needs.

From gut feeling to real data

Data is the foundation to design useful training measures. Our job is to search for, collect and use data as the basis for creating training activities.

Starting point: qualitative and quantitative research such as interviews with specialists in the field and employees.

Goal: to understand the employees and the context in which they work.

New paradigm: the creation process kicks off with an exploratory phase and actively involves stakeholders and employees.

From winging it solo to co-creation

The best training measures are those that involve the target group.

Starting point: the employees are at the core of it all. That is why they are essential in the creation process.

Goal: to involve the employees and use their expertise.

New paradigm: employees are involved in the development process of training measures. They provide input, test workflows and give feedback.

From happy sheets to real KPIs

We want to know if we did our job well because we also never stop learning.

Starting point: a clear goal definition. What should measurably change and/or be improved?

Goal: to define criteria that enable us to measure the success of training and provide a framework for creation.

New paradigm: the business impact of training becomes measurable and visible.